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Al-areen Wildlife Park


With all the modernization and developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain, AlAreen Wildlife Park and Reserve project was established in 1976 in order to preserve what is remaining of the Arabian endangered wildlife. The Kingdom of Bahrain is considered a leader in recognizing the threats to wildlife, as it has established AlAreen Wildlife Park and Reserve in order to protect the rare animals and work for its reproduction in addition to being an educational center for wildlife.

AlAreen Wildlife Park and Reserve was primarily developed to provide a refuge for the endangered species. And to accomplish this, the area was divided into two main sections, the park and the reserve.

The park occupies three square kilometers, where the public are able to take a round in the park’s tourist busses.

And while walking around the park, visitors will be able to see a collection of 45 mammal species and 82 different bird species of birds from the Arabian Peninsula, East Africa, North Africa and Asia.

The second part is the reserve, which occupies another four square kilometers allocated for the conservation, preservation and breeding of rare Arabian animals. Access to the reserve is restricted, except for specialists, researchers, veterinarians and the animals’ keepers. Mammal species in the reserve include: the Arabian Oryx, Nubian ibex and the Bahraini Rheem Gazelle, in addition to some bird species such as the Houbara Bustard.

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